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Safety Checklist

Handling and use

  • Read the label before opening the container.
  • Check that the chemical is the one required.
  • Consider the hazards, including violent reactions between chemicals and use appropriate protective clothing and equipment.
  • Open container carefully in well ventilated area.
  • Take care while extracting and using hazardous chemicals and use methods, which reduce the risk of inhalation, ingestion and contact with skin, eyes and clothing.
  • Avoid using contaminated apparatus and instruments.
  • Seal container tightly after use.
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke while handling and using chemicals.
  • Wash hands and exposed areas regularly and change contaminated clothing.
  • Deal with spillages using precautions and methods appropriate to the hazards.
  • Seek medical attention immediately, if affected by chemicals and use appropriate first aid until medical attention is available.


  • Preferable storage temperature has been mentioned (just below the cade number) for some items wherever required 4 where the storage temperature has not been mentioned it is to be stored at room temperature, which is regarded as 20-30º C.
  • Store in dry, well ventilated area protected from extremes of temperature and sources of ignition.
  • Secure chemicals from unauthorised use.
  • Segregate stock to reduce hazards.
  • Inspect stock from time and dispose of deteriorated materials.
  • Do not smoke where flammable chemicals are stored.
  • Tate care in handling containers with hazardous residues.
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