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HPLC Solvents
HPLC Solvents play a key-role in any HPLC application. Contaminants may accumulate and block the column head. Free acids or bases may decrease the lifetime of the column.

UV-absorbing contaminants and dissolved gases can result in a noisy and drifting baseline. Therefore, high purity solvents are the basic requirement for optimized HPLC applications. Chemlabs HPLC solvents are distilled in special glass columns (about 40 feet long) under a nitrogen atmosphere. Distilled solvents are then stored under nitrogen blanket to prevent any oxidative degradation. Special attention has been given to the packaging and bottling of the solvents. All purified solvents are filtered through a 0.2 �m PTFE membrane in a nitrogen atmosphere and filled into containers for transports.

  • Extreme lot to lot consistency
  • Low background noise,free of extraneous peaks
  • Minimum content of non-volatile matter
  • Function-tested for: assay, water, minimal residue after evaporation and UV absorbance and fluorescence in critical ranges
  • Competitive rates-Best in the market
  • An In-house QC-QA Facility.You can be rest assured of the quality of our products

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