Why Leonid Chemicals

Why Leonid chemicals?

Technical expertise and Ontime delivery

On time delivery and technical expertise are two major factors that has made us preferred vendor for our prestigious clients. Leonid has technically qualified scientists with vast experience. On several occasions, we have been able to service our clients with unlisted products with custom synthesis, thus saving waiting time for import and saving on cost.

ISO certified organisation
Our organization is ISO-9001-2015 certified. All necessary GMP, GLP documents are available. Several vendors have inspected facility prior to approval. Hence it is easy for our claints to further comply to regulatory agencies.

In house QC,QA and synthesis lab
We have an In-house QC-QA Facility with state of art equipment. Some of high end instruments like NMR and LCMS .You can be rest assured of the quality of our products

Vast Range of Chemistries
It is relatively easy for us to take up custom synthesis requests as our chemists haveworked full range of chemistries. We love challenging chemistry. IF you are unable to find achemicals, just ask us.

Ahead in competition
We have built reputation for Excellent Customer support. We encourage users to directly be in touch with usfortheir requirements, we takecare of rest.
Our prices are best in market with same quality as leading brands.