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Leonid Ultrapure Solvents


Leonid Chemicals is also into supply and sourcing of :


Beginning with manufacturing Pyrogallol in 1999 at Yeshwanthpur, today we have 2500 products in our portfolio and the process continues. In 2005, we shifted to a larger manufacturing facility at Dosapet, near Bangalore to meet increasing market demand for our products. This plant now has a state of the art manufacturing facility with 50ft. high distillation column, stainless steel and glass reactors of varying capacities. Our mother warehouse is also located in the same premises with huge space for all categories of dangerous chemicals, besides enough land for future expansion plans.

Our production facility is supported by highly competent team of QC chemists and R&D scientists. Our plant has been audited and approved by many prestigious customers in the field of Pharmaceuticals, Speciality chemicals and R & D centres.

We also deliver tailor-made products on customer request through our custom synthesis activity in our kilo lab. We develop and scale up the product at plant.

We market our products under Leonid TM and ChemLabs ® brand of high purity chemicals for academic and research institutions, analytical and research & development laboratories, and manufacturing process in various industries in India and overseas markets.

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